We’re moving….kinda.

We managed to get 30 Episodes uploaded to Soundcloud. We got a ton of Twitter love and a few new subscribers!
Thank you to everyone for liking, listening and subscribing. Our goal is to get all of our episodes on Soundcloud so we can dump the WordPress site as our host, and it looks like that’ll happen sooner than later.

We will still keep this WordPress page active for updates, but the show will posted on Soundcloud as soon as we can get every episode uploaded.

Also, a new podcast video will be uploaded this week to our YouTube, and we’ll have another On Location video for you. 😎

Episode 37: Tickle The Pickle For A Nickel


*Warning Adult Language*


Tara has a cold and no filter, Sean tells us things that are going away, Comic Con talk, George Carlin has a new CD coming!

Update: Where you can find us…

We have made a big jump.

We finally moved the show to Soundcloud. This is an exciting step for us, and we’re hoping it leads to big things.

Having basically maxed out what we can do on WordPress, we were looking for something that will help us grow, and we believe we found that with Soundcloud.

We will still be available on ITunes and Stitcher, but if you currently subscribe to us there, you may need to subscribe to the new feed.

Of course, we’ll let you know how and when.

Our new soundcloud home is located here:

Not all episodes are posted yet, but they will be.

Oh and we aren’t ditching WordPress completely….You can still come here for updates and posts! 😃

Thank you for listening, we’re excited about this new phase and hope you come along with us!


Episode 36: Get Goosed By A Ghost

*Warning Adult Content*

Sean and Tara discuss Joe Weller’s video, Tara went to Coney Island, They tell you about the day of filming they had last week, and breakdown the Rouge One trailer.

Episode 35: Pass On That Ass

*Warning Adult Language*

Sean and Tara discuss the Breaker mansion video they shot, Batman Killing Joke, Creepy Green Bay Clowns, and Tara spills Mountain Dew.


Check Out The Latest On Location….

As we posted the other day, we filmed On Location at the Breaker Mansion over the weekend. We’ve gone thru all the footage and have uploaded our experience to our YouTube channel.

Be sure to check it out, like, subscribe.

We toured a second mansion, that footage will be coming soon.