Mansion Style

For our latest On Location video, we toured the Breaker Mansion of Newport Rhode Island yesterday.

They were very nice, allowing us to film and document our trip for you folks.

There is a TON of footage to go through, but we hope to upload the video to our YouTube page soon.


Episode 34: Is That Uncle Pete?

*Warning Adult Language*

Sean and Tara attempt another video Podcast for the YouTube channel, Mistakes in movies, A guy plays an epic prank on his family, Why do people bring children to inappropriate films?


Episode 33: Punch Him In The Face And Throw Eggs At Him!

*Warning Adult Language*

Tara and Sean discuss their trip to Hammond Castle and the Renaissance Fair folks, Sean gives his Ghostbuster review (No Spoilers), Comic Con news, We try to bribe you for Itunes reviews.

Give our YouTube video a watch and help us get past 5K, Hashtag Just Sayin Podcast On Location At Hammond Castle.

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On Location At: Hammond Castle


We are excited to bring you another On Location video: Hammond Castle.

Unfortunately, there was a big Renaissance ¬†Festival going on, so that’s mixed in with our footage. But overall, we hope you will be entertained and laugh as Tara And Sean lose each other and scare people while filming.

You can follow the link below to watch. Feel free to Like or Subscribe!


Castles and Renaissance Fairs….


We spent the day shooting another On Location video for our YouTube channel. This time, we went to Hammond Castle in the nicely situated Gloucester, MA.

It was a pretty cool castle, unfortunately the day we chose to shoot footage, was the same day as a big Renaissance Fair. So our footage is mixed with the castle and some of the more interesting….people we saw.

We will let you know when it’s live, hope you enjoy it!


Episode 32: I Want The Anus To Go Away

*Warning Adult Language*

Expired Jelly Belly’s and Rude checkouts, Sean’s vacation, movies that are banned in other countries, Michael Keaton’s new movie.


Episode 31: I Don’t Care What His Name Is, I’m Calling Him Robot Man!

*Warning Adult Language*

Sean is going camping, we discuss the Fort Revere YouTube video we filmed, Double Dare is coming back (Briefly), Bob Ross is like a tranquilizer, Why hasn’t Weird Al played the Super Bowl?