A Thousand Thanks


We are pleased to announce that our first travel video – Hashtag Just Sayin On Location, filmed at Slater Mill in Pawtucket Rhode Island, has hit 1 Thousand views this week. It’s amazing and we want to thank everyone!!

If you took the time to watch, thanks! We’ll be filming another video this weekend. We can’t tell you where yet, but we’re excited about it.

We’ll also be doing our regular Podcast duties this week, recording Friday night.

Thanks again for listening, and watching!


Hashtag Just Sayin: On Location


We just wanted to fill you in, we’ve launched our first travel video on our YouTube Channel.

The purpose was to show you locations in and around New England (and maybe beyond!) that you normally wouldn’t get to see. Our first video is filmed at Slater Mill in Pawtucket Rhode Island.

It is free to walk the grounds, or you can take a tour of the buildings for around $10.

We have over 150 views so far, and we’d like to thank you all for watching!

Also, check out our latest Podcast episode, Ep 29: I was a punk ass and rode the shuttle bus.


Heres there YouTube video, if you wanna check it out!



Episode 29: I Was A Punk Bitch And Rode The Shuttle Bus

*Warning Adult Content*

Tara’s CEO Lunch, Mount Washington, Sean and Tara get scared when there’s a tap on the window, and run outside like bad asses.

Episode 28: What Did They Do In The Managers Office

*Warning Adult Language*

Sean got a new job, Tara talks about getting fired, stand up comedians we like, Sean’s Ecto Cooler and Twinkie rant.



What You Won’t Hear In Our New Episode…

Greetings All,

There has certainly been a lot of things going on this week, From guns to gators. And while discussion is definitely important and encouraged, we will not be bringing up any of these topics on tonight’s Episode (#28).

Our reason being: because we are not that kind of podcast.

So tonight, we will record a new Episode, as we do every Friday night. We will have a variety of topics….one of which will be stand up comedy.

We did not wish to ignore the events this week completely, but at the same time, we believe our job is to be entertaining. So that’s what we’re planning on doing.

There are, unfortunately, many people who are trying to take advantage….if you wish to donate to any victims, please take a moment to investigate. Go Fund Me is trying their best to shut down fraudulent ¬†accounts. If you wish to donate, Please do some research and don’t get scammed.

Thank you for your love on Twitter, for listening on ITunes and Stitcher….We appreciate each and every one of you. You are amazing. Thank you.




Episode 27: Do It With The Mask On

*Warning Adult Language*

Where the hell are our Twinkies?
We watched LA Beast before the show, and marveled at how
much one man can throw up, Sean covered the murder door, movies that
suck and should never have been made.