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Our latest episode is live on ITunes but it has been brought to our attention that (as of today) it still cannot be seen in the store. However, it CAN be seen if you’re a subscriber. So if you’d like to hear our latest Episode on ITunes, feel free to subscribe – we can be found by searching Hashtag Just Sayin. We can also be found on Stitcher, although they often slack in updates as well.

We’ll be back this Friday. Hopefully all technical issues will be resolved.

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Episode 16: Pro-Spray Has Been Seconded

*Warning Adult Language*

Tara is pro-spray, Sean felt guilty about a snow day, remakes that shouldn’t have happened, Movies You Gotta See 80s Edition: Mr. Mom and Teen Wolf.

We had to record this episode with different equipment, so there are one or two rough spots that we couldn’t edit. But it’s still a great episode. We hope you enjoy it!

Episode 15: Merge Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

*Warning Adult Language*

Long week for Sean and a short week for Tara, Tara hates Rhode Island, Getting out of speeding tickets, Venting about drivers.

The Episodes have been re-numbered, older Episodes with a previous host have been deleted. Hope this doesn’t confuse you.

This week’s Movies You Gotta See: 80s Edition – The Money Pit and Major League.


March 17th

If you’re in the US, today is the day people like to drink all day.

If you’re in Europe, it’s called Thursday.


Only 1 person on the #JustSayin podcast crew isn’t Irish….So there’s peer pressure happening to wear green and sing shantys.

Be safe whatever your plans are.

We’ll see you tomorrow with a new Episode!


Episode 14: Sugar Plumbs Coming Home Tonight

*Warning Adult Language*

Why does the Fonz hang out with high school kids, House Of Cards binge watching, the pains of a walkman malfunction, apparently kids like records again. This week’s Movies You Gotta See 80s Edition: Goonies and Armed And Dangerous.