Episode 12: Technical Difficulties and Vice Versa

*Warning Adult Language*

Tara and Sean Attempt their first Periscope. They also attempt to video record the show, but it epically fails. They will try again next week though. This week’s Movies You Gotta See (80s Edition): Vice Versa and Disorderlies.

Special thanks to Coke for the custom bottles.

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Celebrate It ­čśÄ

Greetings All!!

We are VERY excited to be in the new studio this Friday. We will be doing a live Periscope of the show, so please be sure and follow us @JustSayinPod – we’ll be drinking our custom Cokes and hanging with you to celebrate!

Thank you all for listening, for liking us on Twitter and allowing us to do this every week. We’re working on some big things, so stay tuned.


We’re Just Sayin….Periscope it.

Check these out. We got custom Coca-Cola bottles for our big day Friday.

We’re setting the night off right in our new studio on Friday the 26th, and we’ll be drinking these bad boys on the air.

We are trying to come up with a cool idea to begin our new phase, and are still kicking around ideas.

We are thinking about maybe doing a live Periscope while we do our show.

Periscope (if you don’t know) is a live broadcast app, it will allow you folks to watch us in real time and you can even comment or ask us questions.

We are @JustSayinPod on Periscope. If we get at least 5 new followers before Friday, we’ll do it. Deal? Right on.




Episode 11: Death From Above

*Warning Adult Language*

Tara and Sean have a business dinner and watch “IT”, Frozen pipes are no joke, Don’t Take Your Kids to Deadpool, This weeks Movies You Gotta See 80s Edition: Gung Ho and Beetlejuice…a Michael Keaton Evening.

Deadpool the Rated R Hero

Or Anti Hero?

We got to check out Deadpool last night. I admit I was skeptic because of Ryan Reynolds being the lead….we all know how ┬ádisappointing Green Lantern was.

But it was really enjoyable. The first Marvel movie with an R Rating – believe me it was earned. It was pretty violent and had language, but if those things don’t bother you very much, Check it out.

I didn’t know too much about Deadpool’s back story, so I don’t know how accurate it was in that respect.

If you do check it out, stay until the credits are over (this goes without saying in a Marvel Movie anyway) for a cool Ferris Bueller reference ­čśë



You Aren’t Alone This Valentines Day

We’re here for you. We love ya, and if your single and need to laugh, listen to our latest episode. If your in a relationship and ┬áneed to fill some awkward silence, play our latest episode.

Thanks for the love, and here’s some back: