Episode 8: Who Ya Gonna Call?

*Warning Adult Language*

Tara Breaks a Tooth, Sean still doesn’t work at work and would like to see your emails, NFL results, and Movies You Gotta See 80s Edition: Ghostbusters.

Thanks for the input 😀

Happy Monday all!

We got some email from some listeners, who like the Movie discussions, but expressed concern over the length of the trailers we play. We completely agree. So the segment will have shorter trailers going forward.

Be sure to listen to the show this week, we’ll be discussing a classic.

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Episode 7: Do You Think I Work At Work

*Warning Adult Content*

There’s a storm coming – and it’s Phillys Fault, The Bread and Milk Phenomenon, Saying goodbye to Glenn Frey, The Manning Brothers suck, Olympics are coming and we aren’t excited.

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So we have finally solved the ITunes problem. We are now searchable in the ITunes store, and in the Podcast app.

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we opted to use the word hashtag (instead of the symbol) to try and separate ourselves from other like-named shows.

We are still working on a solution for those who rock android phones. We haven’t forgotten about you. The show is still available on Stitcher though.





Episode 6: Did You Just Drop Your Phone?


*Warning Adult Content*

Dropping an Iphone 6 right out of the box, Sean and Tara didn’t watch the GOP debate, Donald Trump is the drunk Uncle at Thanksgiving, The woman’s room is dirty, This weeks Movies You Should See (80s Edition): Three O’clock High and Better Off Dead.

Current Mood: 😳

Thank you to everyone who has listened to the show – Ep 22 “New Segment And Tire Trouble” if you haven’t yet, please give it a listen. Sean and I both agree it’s a great one…we’d like to hear your thoughts.

If you’d like to share your opinion on last weeks ‘Movies You Should See: 80s Edition’ feel free to post a comment or toss us an email: hashtagjustsayinpodcast@gmail.com

And last week saw the official add of Sean to the podcast team, upgrading him from occasional guest host to full fledged team player. Join us in welcoming him aboard!

Ryan will be in the studio this week to record, so look for that episode coming sooner than later.


Daisy: Official Podcast Interrupter.


Episode 5: New Segment And Tire Troubles

*Warning Adult Language*

Directv Still Sucks, Tom Coughlin retires and Tara cries, Having tire troubles in the cold, Not paying attention in the morning, and the premier of our new segment: Movies you Should See – 80s edition.